Professional Supplier of Forklift Diesel 3 Ton CPC (D) 30,2016 4 18 trade policy review. report by the secretariat. georgia. this report, prepared for the second trade policy review of georgia, has been drawn up by the wto secretariat on its own,2018 1 26 joint feasibility study on. a china sri lanka free trade agreement. july 01, 2014 table of contents 1. review 1. 1.1 background,2007 4 19 the project can make the 58km waterway from tugutang to jinweizhou to optimize the 1000 ton water way. installed capacity of standard electric machinery is about 75mw, annual power generation is about 0.35 billion kwh .. it plans to newly build waterworks with daily capacity of 30,000t and pipe networks, build 3 deep well